Make your Career

To get started on your career you will first need to choose an occupation. We help you to put a lot of thought into your choice and you will be rewarded with a career that is both fulfilling and successful.

Strategic Planning

Enabling businesses to run smarter. That's what we do. Our solutions provide the technology, services, and analytical capabilities that companies need to enhance and achieve agile, mobile, and real-time Analysis.

Business Solutions

We provide our clients with highly responsive and timely support options to reach us for any kind of support for their problems. We work on stringent timeframes in solving those problems in shorter duration in order to ensure business operational continuance.


HNS is having extensive experience in the Information Technology, Consulting and Software Engineering industries and several vertical markets. Much of our experience has been in the international arena, working with cross-cultural, multi-functional and virtual teams in USA.

Released Projects
Current Clients
Alliance Partners

" HNS Consulting is your Innovation Partner anywhere around the world, we put emphasis on long-term commitment and combine global reach and local intimacy to provide premier professional services from consulting, system development to business IT outsourcing "

The Story

The company maintained a hybrid culture of long-term commitment and challenge to innovation since 2015 in order to contribute to the progression of business and society.


IT strategy development to meet business goals
Feasibility studies and ROI analysis
Business process analysis and re-engineering
Prioritization and cost justification of IT projects
Revenue management including CDM review, denial management, and all associated activities related to healthcare
Cost analysis and financial decision support


Our aim to provide you with the best and brightest minds in the business for your short term project needs. This model gives you the flexibility of scaling up or down depending on both "skill" and work and demand.


A robust IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business.
But how do you upgrade your most valuable resource, Hiring alone can't solve this problem.
To make sure your current IT managers have the latest technology skills, you need access to effective, up-to-date training.
That's why HNS Consulting will help you in getting trained with the skills you required.


Understand your objectives
Create a plan to efficiently deliver desired results.


Identify, deliver and manage resources to achieve the target outcome one time and at or under budget.
Bring relevant experience and range of knowledge.


Deliver results on time and within budget
Exceed expectations